Why You Don't Care About Your Business

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You Don't Care About Your Business, because…

Date Published: Friday,

You are not giving your business every chance possible to succeed. You spend long hours breaking your back making your customers happy, delivering quality products, and exceptional service. If you had a chance, would you run away from it, or do you love what you are doing? It is what keeps your family — and some of you, your employees — fed, warm, and happy.

Let us say that you do everything possible to increase sales, customer base, and quality of product and service — which we all hope that is what you have been doing all these months and years in existance.

There are many factors owning, operating, and maintaining your own business — nothing you do not already, or should, know about or experinced — finances, employees, product, tools — most of them are money related (money going out).

It does not matter whether you provide a service or offer products, your goal is to increase your income by any means possible — legally of course — which includes delivering the best service or product you can by using the best possible ingredients, tools, or service available; in so doing your care about your clients and customers which means you do care about your business.

But how much do you care about your business? Really?

How important is your business to you?

Taking care of our clients, is as important as taking care of your family — It is what keeps a business in business, but would you like to gain more customers? More sales? so you can pay your employees more, get that new tool, fix your your building, or give yourself a raise?

How can you make that happen?

A mobile connected world.

The world today is online. It has happend no matter whether you have seen it, do not believe it, or wanted it to happen. It did not ask you. It did not tell you. 96% of the population of Earth is connected to the world wide web in some way. At work or at home, on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, for business or pleasure, and spending money, or making it.

The people have connected to each other.

Why should you get involved.

The world today is online. 96% of the population of Earth is online — I already mentioned this. If you have not embraced the technology, the digital world, and the ever constant changing of the marketing landscape then you are going to be left behind, if it has not happened already.

If you really cared about your business…

If you really cared about your business and its future, your future, you would research what you can do to get your business taking advantage of the World Wide Web. Your online branding, marketing, sales, presence, and unlimited possibilities are waiting for you to make it happen by doing it yourself, or letting an experience team create, maintain, and manage it for you, because no matter how simple it may look, it takes time to learn it, and time to implement it, and keep it up to date and current — your business should deserve more than just putting up something and praying it will work. You have to make it work.

Whether you agree with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and the hundreds of other connectivity sites, if you want to gain recognition, you have to play their game. That is where your customers are located.

Half Baked Pretenders

A search on the web reveals many businesses do not know what they are doing when creating an online campaign strategy, or they hand it to someone who thinks they know what they are doing and does a very poor job at it — it is a sad thing to see, specially when it is a business we use. They have placed their online presence in the hands of a pretender, a half educated company, or some close friend that says they know what they are doing, but they do not — these are the business that do not care about their business, because they do not make anyone accountable, check on the numbers (analytics), or get involved.

If this is you, this is why you don't care about your business! … Plain and simple.

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