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Website Design for the Ignorant

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What you do not know can hurt your website

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It is such an over used word with an ugly, disrespectful, and derogatory connotation toward someone; however, the fact is IGNORANT just means:

lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about something in particular.

It can also mean

uneducated or unsophisticated.

In this instance of the word being used the latter is not the intended meaning, so please keep yourself professional.

I find it interesting that with today's technologies and available resources and tools that everyone is not doing things themselves. For example: being their own photographer or videographer at weddings, editing their own images and video, cooking gourmet meals at home more often, doing their own home improvements, construction, painting, and redesign.


Well, some are. I guess no more than usual. And taking nothing away from someone who wants to do it casually as an amateur, or a novice for the family or friends, fine. There is no law that states a person cannot do their own thing, unless that thing is regulated by the government and requires permits and lots of paperwork. Do it, by all means, DO IT!!!

It is how one finds out of they are any good at it, how much trouble or how easy it is to do, and to see if one likes doing it.

Picking up a guitar does not make one Eddie Van Halen, but in time, with practice and training, one could be.

Basic Fact

There is something that people seam to forget or have no knowledge about — ignorant comes to mind — and that is the natural instincts, abilities, and understanding of a certain subject. Dale Earnhart Jr. is an athlete, of sorts, but could he be a football player at the NFL level of play? No. Does not mean he may not know the game, but his natural athletic ability for the game is not honed or even begun to be able play at a level to stay competitive with the others.

Same goes for any craft, skill, or profession. Some people are just made to be doctors, lawyers, and teachers, as with baseball players, and ditch diggers. No fault of anyone, just the way it is. Of course there are those that are working at fast food that feel they should be a CEO, but feeling it, and actually doing it are not even close to each other — adding in luck and catching a break, PLUS perseverance — we choose our path and our destination, (yes i know), which changes over time.

When it comes to business, identity, and ones future the only way to approach it is in a professional manner. It is no crime to try things and save money — I know I look for them too — but it is shameful, almost criminal, when someone who does not know how to play the game: from start to finish; is creating and maintaining a website for a business. I get angry and sad when I see crappy design, poor implementation, and little to no thought about the viewer and their time on the website.

If you do not want to use Davenport Website Designs, I do not care. Just get help from a web design company or get training - PLEASE. Make the web better for everyone, including your website. The ignorance is thinking a website can just be put up and let it do its thing. Today's internet does not work that way, and the ignorant still think it does.

Your crappy website is hurting your business. A professionally designed and maintained website is not for the ignorant, amateur, novice casual player — you are doing your website a disservice.

Do yourself a favor and take your website seriously. Your business, identity, and future depends on it!

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