A Website is Not a Pot of Boiling Water

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Website Design for the Ignorant Is Your Website Working for You?

What is a website? It is Not a Pot of Boiling Water.

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You want to save money, you want the control to do it yourself, and you believe everything you see on TV and the internet, regarding website hosting and creating your own site with a FREE service.

Well if that is the case, why should you listen or believe me?

I am not here to deceive you because I live in the area, I am a local Northern California Resident, and have been since 1979. This is my home, my neighborhood, and my friends & family. Why would I want to even try to cheat you? It would not behoove me to do so.

Those long distant website services, albeit inexpensive or even free, have a motive and do not really care about you or the reason for your website — you are just a number to them once you give them your money.

A productive and successful website, or web presence, is one that is maintained every day with the analytics, SEO, Keywords — you do not just create a site and wait for it to produce; you are in trouble if that is what you are doing. Your site will not boil over it will simmer and get cold.

Anyone can do it.

Yes, anyone can do it if they have a minimum of 2 hours to give their site each day, plus another hour or so to spend time staying on top of SEO, Social Connectivity, Weblog, and current trends, plus analytics.

We hate seeing a website not living up to its potential, but the only fault is the owner's for not putting the time into it, or going with someone who cares. Your website is not a pot of water that will boil on its own, you have to stir the flame, encourage growth, and be proactive. Don't let your site simmer and get cold, heat it up with the right game plan.

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