Single Page Website

Give Your Visitors Information All On One Page

Deliver Your Message and Information Quicker and Easier

Most websites today do not need multiple pages to get their information to their visitors, clients, or recipients. A single page website will save you money as well as get your message to the visitors, and allow visitors to find the information they are looking for all on one page quickly and easily.

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- Are you like a majority of people that want the information they are looking for easy to find and laid out clearly without the time-consuming and bothersome annoyance of multi-page websites?

- Is the information on your website easy to find, read, and understand?

- Do you have too much information on your site that might be redundant and repetitive?

- Do you have a complex menu that visitors must navigate to get to the data they are looking for, or that you want them to find?

Simplify your existing, or new, site with a single (one) page design and forgo all the hassles of creating multiple-pages for content that can be easily and quickly stated on one page.

Faster Page Speeds

Most websites today do not need multiple pages to get their information to their visitors, clients, or recipients one single page will suffice. In today's mobile-first, fast-paced world, if a site takes longer than 6 seconds to load, the person is already going to a new site for the same information. Of course it all starts with proper SEO Design to get your site better rankings on organic search results, but continues with clean and organized code without the slowness of javascript, flash, and large images that slow down the loading of a site.

Another way to speed up your site is to have all the content onto one page, so the visitor does not have to navigate through a complex menu then wait for the new page to load, they just scroll down to the area of interest.

All-In-One Design Package!

Davenport Website Designs will create an All-In-One Design Package for your single (one) page website that includes purchasing a domain name of your choice, if it is available, hosting, and designed with the most current HTML5 and CSS3 code, that is also Search Engine Optimized, Responsive Designed, and Monthly updates with reports. We will do all the work to create you a fast, easily-understood, and simple website for your business, organization, or personal use that will look awesome on all mobile devices.

How Much Does It Cost?

When you can go online and create your own website cheap or free using CMS sites, why would you pay for a website? There are many reasons not to. But the few reasons you want to let a professional webdesigner to create, manage, and maintain your website are the most important.

Not everyone has the time to stay on top of and understand the constantly changing landscape of SEO, Security, and the latests trends, and letting a CMS do that for you is, at first glance, a no-brainer. But that means you had no brains to hand over your online presence to people that create their apps for general use, not personalized for you. And your branding, identity, and business are in the hands of strangers, so when the question comes up, “How Much Does It Cost?” People only look at the immediate payout, not the return in the long run. Can you put a price on personal service, caring for your family and future, and wanting your online prensence to succeed? WE DO! When you succeed, so do we. Let's do it together.

A Fantastic Value For Your Money

When you consider what you get for the amount of money you pay, the service is A Fantastic Value For Your Money!

- Hand-coded, precise, clean, and organized code — there is nothing going to cause errors or slowness.

- Single (one) Page easy to find, fast loading content page.

- Search Engine Optimized design — Content written with keywords and key phrases to get better organic rankings when searched.

- Responsive design for all mobile devices.

- Domain name of your choice — if available.

- Hosting - 3 email addresses

- Monthly Updates and reports

For 2 years for just $600. That is $300 a year. Are we crazy? Well, yes, once you get to know us, but that is only because we want to get you an online presence for your business and we just love doing website work — if that is crazy, then we are.

Contact us now to get your website online and in the hands of the world.

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