Is Your Website Working for You?

Davenport Website Design | Is Your Website Working for You?

A Website is Not a Pot of Boiling Water Pros and Cons of Free Website Building Services

Is your website working for you?

September 5, 2016

With so many options to create a website, the landscape is wrought with Paid and Free options making it confusing and misleading as to what you should really do.

FREE is always good, but remember, You Get What You Pay For.

With FREE, even from sources that advertise on national TV, you might think you are getting a deal. Well, not really. Sure they offer some neat features and options, and it's FREE. Whoo Hoo.

While you are jumping for joy with a heavy wallet, you want to put a few things into perspective.

Is your time free?

Free is great when compared to paying about $2,500.00 for a basic site from some website design companies. Yes, anyone can do it if they have 2 hours to give their site each day, plus another hour or so to spend time staying on top of SEO, Social Connectivity, Weblog, and current trends, plus analytics.

We hate seeing websites not live up to their potential.

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