What is SEO? | What is Search Engine Optimization?

If your customers cannot find you, you have a problem.

  • Search Engines are used 95% of the time anyone uses the World Wide Web.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a major impact on how people find things on the web; it is often misunderstood and easily misleading.  Many (SEO) companies promise top rankings or unachievable results for a very high price.  Ranking number one on Google is a challenge that only thousands of dollars can achieve and most often it is a rotating occasion, while other times it is a ghost town with you waiting for visitors.  If ranking number one was easily attained everyone would all be there!

Google gives 10 measly spots on the first page in their organic search results making it impossible to "guarantee" a #1 ranking; however, Davenport Website Designs can greatly improve your chances using our proven (SEO) tools and technology to achieve the highest ORGANIC ranking possible.

A website's organic ranking is based on a combination of factors.

-   Properly coded HTML5 structure.
-   Correct Image and Header tags.
-   Age of website.
-   Social Site interconnectivity.
-   Good content with a weblog.

There are many things that factors into a website's organic ranking that the average person, or for that matter, the average FREE website platforms you see advertised, cannot handle, cover, or even understand that most people add a bit of standard code and think it will work — in our experience, IT DOES NOT!

We will increase your online presence — for the search terms you want to be found with — which will bring more quantified users to your website.

Rank me | Show me | Find me

Properly designed and implemented (SEO) is essential for your internet presence — the whole reason for putting up a website is to have people go there;  if they cannot find you, or know you exist, there is no reason for you to have a website — you are just wasting your time and money.

(SEO) is the mechanism of altering the visibility of a website in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid search results (also known as "organic"). Our goal is to fully optimize your business for all of the major keywords for your respective niche. Above all, the higher you rank on the search results page and the more frequently you appear in the search results list, the more traffic your website will receive — most people click links on the first page of results.

We are not going to tell you that we can get you ranked #1 your first 1 month like other companies, because it cannot be done.  Your SEO and Keywords ranking must be developed over time: weeks, months, and years.

Domain Age Before Beauty!  You might be surprised to learn that domain age is also a factor in the search engine algorithm. Older domains have a history, and their content is looked at as more credible than the website that got started last week. Older domains sometimes get the edge in search results.

It doesn't matter how much money you throw at your SEO needs.  You need to generate trust from the search engines by proving your validity, legitimacy, and prevalence of your website, posts, connectivity, and identity and that takes time, and initiating the right tools to begin establishing that trust, and then, higher rankings.

Brand, Company, Service, and Community Identity does not come easy, nor does it come by putting something up and hoping it does something good; building a reputable, popular, and trusted identity takes interaction and care to optimize the right keywords and phrases for your Identity.

Lean, Clean, Optimized Machine

Search Engine Optimization is not difficult to understand or implement, but it can be complicated and time consuming; there are many elements that effect Search Engine rankings: longevity of website, keywords, keyword phrases, keyword location on the website, social connection to your website, name brand and identity links from other — more established — websites, and so many others.

When optimizing your website we may target different kinds of searches including image, local, video, academic, news, and industry-specific vertical search engines.  As an experienced Website Design company Davenport Designs considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines, and many other factors.

Be Patient!  You may have done every single thing right, but your site is still not showing up in the search engines for your target keywords.  Why? Because it takes time for the search engines to index and rank your site (especially for new domains). So, be patient.

It also could be the keywords that you are trying to target are very competitive.  Remember, you are competing with over 500 million websites on the internet not including pages on those sites.

SEO Copywriting Services

Writing for both search engines and human readers at the same time requires a special kind of literary finesse. The copy has to contain enough keywords to be worthwhile for search rankings, while holding enough readable value for a user. Too much of one and your website receives less-than-optimal results, either due to lack of reader interest or search engine rankings. At Davenport Designs, we utilize both copywriting and campaign management techniques to enhance a website’s rankings and readership, creating a combination that helps you crawl up the search results.

Keyword Density, Internal Links, User Readability, Valued Content, Off-site Articles, and Blogging

Nothing is more annoying than reading a piece of copy clearly stuffed with keywords trying to push themselves up the search engine optimization rankings, but what they are really doing is pushing away potential customers.  You need copy that cultivates a positive impression with customers while enhancing your ranking; Davenport Website Designs is equipped with the creative know-how to utilize the latest search engine standards for you to get noticed and found.

Tips To Improve Your Website

Improve Internal Linking, Cut Out Dated Content, Clean Up URL's, Ditch Unused Domains, Mobile-Friendly is a Must, Speed Up Your Site, Watch Algorithm Updates, Don't use a "Splash Page" for a home page, Forget Flash Menus, Stop the overuse of Ajax, cutout "Click Here" Link Anchor Texts, Cleanup Title Tag Mistakes, Don't leave Image Alt Attribute empty, Avoid unfriendly URLs

It Is Not Just For Businesses

Our SEO Services, SEO Strategies, and Site Optimization will get your website, identity, and business brand higher in the organic search rankings. It depends on how serious you are about your online business marketing plan. What is SEO? SEO is getting you notices and found.